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Our Training (Choose Your Adventure)

  • New Free Training Workshop. Take an adventure with a top recruiter as he unveils the 5 biggest shifts (uncovered by in-depth research and thousands of dollars in testing) to be happening over the next 12 months that virtually guarantee your success IF acted upon smartly as you will discover how to do in this time sensitive training. Click here to register
  • Free, 1-on-1 Coaching Session. This is your opportunity to go "behind the scenes" with Chris and his team of top producers to identify a tailored, step-by-step game plan uniquely designed to 'Activate' your hidden talent in a way that empowers you to overcome your biggest challenges, experience your biggest breakthroughs, and have the best 12 months in your business you've ever had. Note. This offer will not be free forever. I reserve the right to remove it at any time. Click here to claim your spot
  • Mental Toughness Training. Join the industry's #1 training for developing your mental toughness by joining us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday inside the Mental Toughness Gym. Our gym trainers have over 65+ years of combined experience in teaching, coaching, and empowering business owners like you to reach your peak level of performance. Click here to take advantage of our $1 trial offer.
  • TITAN Mastermind. The Ultimate Lead Generation Training for Network Marketers. Period. This is an exclusive program by invitation only. To see if you qualify take advantage of our Free, 1-on-1 Coaching Session above.
  • Recruiting Specialist Certification. Are you ready to finally make the commitment to learn and do what top recruiters do on a daily basis? Chris has put together the industry's leading training program for empowering network marketers to learn the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top recruiters. Click here to watch an exclusive replay of an in-depth training we did on this very topic. 

Check out the resources below that we use to deliver awesomeness to our clients.

Email Service Provider



  • Lastpass (never forget a password again)


  • Skype (communication with anyone on the planet for free)
  • Slack (a message app for teams who are changing the world)
  • GoToMeeting (host team meetings and webinars online)

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