In this top recruiter training I’m going to share with you the one law top earners are using to increase recruiting by 600 percent — at the least!

But first, let me give you the quick summary as to why you should take what I’m sharing with you seriously and with credibility.

Here’s three key reasons:

Reason #1: Rare Insight

I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by 17 multi-million dollar producers. At least 7 of them are top recruiters in the world.

When I say mentored by…

… I mean I’ve broken bread with them and therefore have “rare” insight into the inner-workings of their organizations, their mindset, and how they approach the challenge of recruiting big numbers in their business.

Reason #2: Personal Experience

Naturally, as you can imagine, I’ve been a good student of my mentors…

… paying careful attention to take notes on everything they told me…

… and then make it a priority to implement as fast and as precisely as possible.

So here’s the deal…

The one law I’m going to share with you (which my mentors shared with me) is responsible for my business partner and I doing over $400,000 in sales in the last 12 months, generating over 100 leads per day, and adding 37+ new signups a week into our primary business.


… prior to implementing this one law into my business I struggled in network marketing for over 13 years as I jumped in-and-out of thirteen different companies with little success to show for any of it.

In fact, the only thing I had a lot of was:

  • frustration
  • debt, and
  • failure

So, why should you care about my story of failure?

Only to know that what I’m sharing with you here works and it works 100% of the time all-the-time without exception.

I recently used this law to join a new company and become the top producer in only two days. Check out this picture for proof.

The point: This law flat-out works and it works BIG TIME.

Reason #3: Rare Research

Because of my success I’ve been given the great privilege of working with a top, multiple seven figure earner in our industry.

How do I work with him specifically?

I spend time on the phone every day calling people in his community (other network marketers) to uncover (what I call research) the different challenges they are facing in their businesses.

This privilege gives me access to rare research the average network marketer could never access.

I do about 6-8, 30 minute+ research calls per day…

… and the cool thing is I get to talk to people from all walks of life and all levels of success and failure inside of nearly every company you can think of.

Here’s the interesting thing about all this research I’ve collected.

The business owners I talk to who are building big teams and achieving massive success are exercising this one law inside their business without exception.

The business owners I talk to who are NOT building big teams and achieving success are NOT exercising this one law inside their business.

It really and truly is as simple as that. Period.

Success does indeed leave clues…

So I’m excited to share this information with you for one reason I believe Peter Drucker puts perfectly.


The Law Top Earner’s Use To Increase Recruiting By 600 Percent — At Least!

The one law I’m referring to is what John Maxwell – prolific leadership trainer – refers to as the “Law of the Lid”

Here’s what it means: Your skill level determines your level of effectiveness.

So it’s simple.

If you’re not being effective recruiting in your business it’s because you need to increase your skill level.

If there is one thing I learned working with 17 multi-million dollar mentors that I know they all agree on it’s this:

Everything in your business rises and falls on your skills because your skill level gives you the opportunity to lead

Don’t ever underestimate the fact that we are in a leadership business.

As John Maxwell describes in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, your leadership ability (your skill level) is the lid that determines your level of effectiveness in recruiting and it determines the potential impact of your organization and your team members ability to recruit.

Lets look at an illustration to really drive this point home and then I’ll share some tips with you.

To set this illustration up let me share with you the two biggest challenges network marketers face when it comes to recruiting and building a profitable business.

Ask yourself which one of these applies to you:

Big Challenge #1: Commitment

You’d be surprised how many network marketers I talk to on the phone who say they want to achieve big success, but after questioning them further I come to discover they are NOT committed to their success.

“Wanting” something and being “Committed” to getting it are two entirely different things.

So ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you ‘really’ to the success of your business?

Big Challenge #2: Skill

This is the single biggest challenge every network marketer faces in their business.

This challenge hinges on one thing. That one thing is network marketers developing the skill around how to build their business like a real business.

For instance, how many successful business owners (outside of network marketing) are chasing down their friends and family members to buy their products and services?

For that matter, how many top earners in our industry do you really believe are chasing down their friends and family members to build their business?

You’d be *shocked* at how many top earners are teaching their teams to recruit through warm market, but are NOT doing it themselves.

But that shouldn’t be a surprise right?

When you really think about building your business like a real business do you think about chasing down friends and family?

Of course not.

So this is the #1 biggest challenge network marketers face — the challenge of developing the skill that empowers them to build their business like a real business.

Now ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10, what skill level are you when it comes to building your business like a real business?

Be honest with yourself here. I’m trying to empower you to help you grow.

Personally… when I first asked myself this question… my number was a 1 all those years I was failing.

The moment I swallowed my pride and accepted this truth is the moment everything began to change for me. I’ll tell you why in a minute, but first lets now get to the illustration.

Lets say that your level of commitment on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 9. I’m going to assume it’s at least a 9 otherwise (based on my experience coaching network marketers) you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place.

So, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re at least a 9 and likely a 10.

Lets also say that your skill level — when it comes to building your business like a real business — is a 1 like mine was.  It may be more or less, but for sake of this illustration lets just call it a 1.

You can adjust for your own situation as necessary.




As you can see in the illustration — when your commitment is a 9 and your skill is a 1 your effectiveness is only going to be so much.

The BIG TAKEAWAY here is that you can be totally sold out and committed to your business putting in tons of hours and expending tons of energy chasing your warm market, doing 3-way calls, going to hotel meetings and hosting house parties, BUT it’s all-for-not or for *very little* IF you don’t have the skill required to build your business like a real business.

Hopefully this makes sense because it’s a HUGE game changer for you if you really get it.

Now, lets look at what these 13 multi-million dollar mentors taught me, which is what can happen for you when you combine success with skill.

Lets say you have a “defining moment” in your business like I did back in October of 2013 and you look yourself in the mirror and accept the two realities I believe every network marketer must accept before “breaking through” to the success they are capable of.

Those two realities are:

  1. I’m not building my business like a real business
  2. I don’t know how to build my business like a real business

So lets say you exercise the courage to accept those two realities and you increase your skill from a 1 to a level 7.

Visually it would look like this:




Now this is the part you really need to get.

By raising your skill around how to build your business like a real business WITHOUT having to increase your commitment you can increase your original effectiveness by over a whopping 600 percent.


That my friend is big boy and girl numbers.

Those are numbers that take top earner’s from a nobody to a somebody who commands the respect and admiration that attracts new recruits like clockwork.

Why does this happen?

Here’s why… really, really, get this!

Skill has a *Multiplying* effect
on your business.

By just increasing your skill a bit (you don’t even have to go from a 1 to a 7. It could be from a 1 to a 5) you will multiply the results inside your business.

Here’s The Big Point You Should Take From This Article

As your skill level increases it multiplies the
effectiveness of your business.

I realize I repeated myself there BUT it’s that important.

Here’s how this works.

One thing you must understand is the people you are trying to recruit into your business will ALWAYS buy the MESSENGER before they buy the MESSAGE.

This means you may have the greatest product, the greatest comp plan, the greatest company in the history of the universe but none of that matters a hill of beans IF they don’t buy you as the messenger.

So the ultimate question then becomes what can you do to ensure the people you are trying to recruit into your business buy you every-single-time?

Answer: Increase the #1 skill that any prospect  you talk to is going to want to know you have.

What is that skill?

Answer: The skill of knowing how to build your business like a real business, which includes the ever-so-critical skill of setting up a turn-key recruiting process in your business.


… when you increase your skill it increases the effectiveness in your business. What’s the #1 question any and every prospect is asking themselves during the prospecting conversation you are having with them?

Here it is:

Does this person (you) have the skill
to help me build my business?

If the answer to that question on any level for your prospect is “No” then you’re dead in the water.


… want to know why I struggled in my business for over 10+ years?

Because I didn’t have the skill developed to a high enough level that projected confidence in my prospect. The same will be true for you until you get this skill developed.

Next Steps for You

1. Answer this question: On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed am I ‘really’ to my business?

If your answer is anything less than an 8 then I suggest you find something else to do other than building a business.

2. Answer this question: On a scale of 1 to 10 what is my skill level when it comes to building my business like a real business?

If your answer is anything less than an 8 then I suggest you find a way (a program/mentor/training course) to help you develop your skill because here’s the deal. When you get this one skill developed everything changes.

How can I be so sure? Here’s a laundry list of what’s happened to me since I finally chose to get this skill down:

  • $400,000 in sales with my business partner
  • 100+ leads per day
  • 37+ new signups every week
  • Asked by a top earner to lead a weekly motivational call for his team
  • Asked by a top earner to be the MCEE at his main event
  • Asked by a top earner to be one of his hand-selected Master Elite Coaches who gets to train business owners like you how to develop this “skill” we are talking about
  • Ask by a top earner to lead his fast start implementation calls for his new team members
  • Became #1 producer in my company in 2 days (yes – 2 days) after joining.
  • Became an equity shareholder in my company for my production numbers.
  • Invited by the owners of my company to spend time with them on an exotic dream trip.
  • Personally mentored a total newbie to become a Top Recruiter in his business after only his first 90 days in the industry. How did I do it? I showed him exactly what skills he needed to develop to create success and he made the commitment to do it.

There are a few other big opportunities I can’t even talk about in public yet, but they are bigger than any of the ones I just shared.

I did all of it in 12 months.

3. Do you need to develop your skills?

If “YES!” then pay attention to your email this week BECAUSE on Thursday I’m doing something I rarely do…

I’ll be providing you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “lock-arms” with my team of Top Producers to create quick and dramatic results in your business…

… they type of results that will change the trajectory of your life IF you’re willing to at least commit to your success and skill development for a few short months.

I encourage you to give that some thought between now and Thursday. How committed are you really?

In the meantime…

… keep an eye-out in your email tomorrow. I’m going to send you: 7 Key Strategies Top Earners Use to Win Big

… my team is using all of these strategies in our business right now and WE ARE CRUSHING IT!

Thanks for your trust.
I don’t take it for granted!

Chris “Your Skill Development Sensei” White

PS. Did you get value from this post? Please take a quick second to comment below. Share your thoughts and insights. You never know who you’re going to inspire because you took the time to offer your insight. It mattes and YOU matter.

I appreciate you!

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