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Chris White
20 years of leader development experience. Top industry recruiter. Decorated military officer. Top rated professor of leadership & high performance University of Colorado, Boulder.
19 years of corporate leadership experience now working from home coaching and motivating others making the transition from corporate America to full-time entrepreneur.
Angelique Weiley Anderson
John Hatfield
30+ years of global leader development experience inspiring, championing, and training teams of all kinds to achieve peak performance.
Loui Ebeling

I just have to share - I have had such an amazing week! The Monday Morning call with Chris White allowed me the privilege of working 1-on-1 with Chris today. Getting a new perspective from Chris, along with pointers, plus a couple new tools for my marketing tool belt has left this girl re-ignited with new motivation and enthusiasm.

Here's Just Some of What You'll Get Access to Inside
The Mental Toughness Gym:

  1. World class mental toughness trainers and leader developers with over 65+ years of leader development training experience inside of a business environment...
  2. 3x's per week, every week, you'll get a hard-hitting, straight to the point mental toughness training that's been uniquely designed to empower you to create BIG results inside your business immediately...
  3. Mental toughness secrets from an industry insider and the top recruiter inside of a 2 billion dollar health and wellness company with over 16+ years of experience...
  4. Enjoy premium discount pricing on all Extraordinary Society and Top Recruiter Academy products and programs (thousands in savings!)...
  5. Get exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can connect and mastermind with our team of experts (no challenge will ever again stand in your way again as you become UNSTOPPABLE!)...
  6. Become a highly respected, highly sought after leader. Once you begin implementing the tips and strategies you will learn inside the mental toughness gym your team and your prospects will have no other choice but to follow you as you become an irresistibly attractive person of value...
  7. Trade-in all your mental garbage for upgraded mental toughness programming that will empower you to standout and rise above the struggling masses as you become a top 1%er in how you think about and approach every challenge you'll face in your business from this point forward...
  8. Gain exclusive access to our private membership site where you'll have an opportunity to ask our experts anything you want about what you're learning or facing inside your business -- think about this as your on-demand "easy button" (press it whenever you want to) and never let a challenge hold you back ever again...
  9. Enjoy easy, on-the-go, MP3 delivery of every mental toughness training we do inside the gym. Listen to the recordings as many times as you want and never worry about being unable to participate with us in the live training because now you can just access the MP3's to throw on your phone or any listening device to soak-in while driving around town, walking the dog, or doing your own physical exercise...
  10. Swipe and deploy our training to use with your team as a way to position yourself as a person of value. Simply jump into our mental toughness training vault in the private members area, pick a training topic and use it to go inspire and energize your team with world class leader development tips, topics, and proven strategies from world class experts...
  11. Give your emotional intelligence & emotional resilience muscles a powerful growth hormone that offers you an unfair advantage and helps equip you with strength and power in the two keys muscles you require to overcome any challenge and breakthrough to any level you can imagine...
  12. and much, much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the money making value you're going to get inside the mental toughness gym for only pennies on the dollar compared to what others are charging. This is truly a no-brainer!


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MJ Shalaby

Some really incredible leaders speaking and inspiring today. Tears well up from time to time as Confirmation after confirmation is delivered... If you're in this group you may realize it but you may not... or we may take it for granted. Chris White is one of the most incredible leaders of our time. There should be no question in your mind that he is leading us to success.

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"If there is #1 skill I credit to helping me become the top recruiter inside a 2 billion dollar health and wellness company it's my mental toughness -- hands down!" - Chris White, Co-Founder Mental Toughness Gym