One of the best mlm tips I can give you as a top recruiter is this:

Take R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y for everything in your business.

Here’s why: Taking responsibility is the one thing that differentiates top recruiters in the network marketing industry from the amateurs (the 99%) who are struggling.

Now this mlm tip isn’t rocket science…

… it’s NOT like you’re thinking to yourself right now, “Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

But let me ask you this:

  • Have you taken an inventory of everything you need to be responsible for in your business to be successful?Here’s a short list of arguably the top 5:
    • Advertising
    • Marketing
    • Prospecting
    • Presenting
    • Closing
  • Do you know with 100% certainty what you need to do exactly in order to be successful?Most network marketers tell me “YES” to this question, but then I ask them: “How many successful businesses have you built?” Typically their answer is “ZERO.”

Now when it comes to the topic of taking responsibility, where I see network marketers get lazy and trip themselves up more than any where else is with their THINKING.

Have you ever considered what it really looks like for someone to take responsibility of their thinking?

Here’s the deal…

… the only thing that’s standing between you and everything you want to achieve inside of your network marketing business is: Your Thinking!

That’s it.

Success is 100% about awareness and awareness is born from your thinking.


… here’s what I can guarantee you with 100% certainty. If you are NOT achieving the success you want in your business it has 100% to do with your own thinking.

Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s you and your thinking.

Top recruiters are simply more aware than the struggling masses.

You can think about it in this way. There are five different categories of network marketers:

  1. Poverty thinkers
  2. Working class thinkers
  3. Middle class thinkers
  4. Upper class thinkers
  5. World class thinkers (Top earners live here)

The differences look like this…

Poverty Class & Working Class Thinkers

Network marketers who live in the poverty and working class category of thinking see themselves as victims of the powerful.

Network marketers who live in this “space of thinking” will build invisible mental barriers in their minds that do nothing more than hold them back from attaining the success they desire.

Network marketers who live in this “space of thinking” will point the finger of blame at other people for holding them back in life.

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Upline trainers
  • Others who influenced them during their childhood

Amateurs will point the finger of blame for lack of results at everyone and everything but themselves.

Middle Class Thinkers

Lets look at network marketers who live in the middle class “space of thinking.” This is where the 99% live most often.

The downfall of these network marketers is they make two things their number one priorities that kill their chances of success:

  1. Safety
  2. Security

Why does this stand in their way of success?

Because they cling to safety and security so tightly they fail to recognize the real abundance of opportunity that is staring them in the face.

I’ll talk to a network marketer — for example — and they will tell me how frustrated they are in their business…

… how they aren’t achieving the results they desire…

… how they don’t have the system(s) in place they know they need to build a long-term thriving business.

So I tell them the solution is simple: Come work with me. I’m the top recruiter in a 2 billion company. (Hint: That means I know what I’m doing). I tell them, I’ve surrounded myself with people who are systems experts, traffic generation experts, and culture building experts.

I tell them — You can have access to it all.

And that’s when the middle class “space of thinking” takes over.

I won’t bore you with the laundry list of “reasons why” my simple solution doesn’t seem to be so simple to them. Point being these network marketers living in the middle class “space of thinking” are struggling simply and only because they are “getting in their own way of success.”

They don’t want to work with me because they don’t want to leave their company (I can respect that), but then when I tell the what to do they respond with things like:

  • I don’t have any money to do that
  • I don’t have any time to do that

It’s always “lack thinking” with these type of thinkers.

Here’s what else is silly to me about this group of network marketers…

… they grow terrified of losing what they have.

This becomes their new normal. This happens because their “space of thinking” is submerged in a cesspool of S-C-A-R-C-I-T-Y.

One of the most weird beliefs swimming around in this scarcity cesspool is that the supply of money is limited and if you let go of what you have you will never get it back.

As much as I try to explain that investing in your skill – to become a top recruiter for example – is an investment in yourself, and your future, and your ability to build the business of your dreams and live the life you’ve always imagined.

Unfortunately, the middle class thinking network marketer just can’t get his mind around this simple fact that all top producers in our industry don’t blink an eye to, because it’s just truth to them.

Like I said, this is where the masses of network marketers live and it’s why the masses are struggling.

Upper Class Thinkers

Lets look at network marketers who live in the upper class “space of thinking.”

Here are some characteristics that give these network marketers an unfair competitive advantage over the 99%:

  1. They are unafraid
  2. They are aggressive
  3. They are courageous
  4. They are ultra-competitive
  5. They approach life like it’s a F-I-G-H-T
  6. They know their is abundance and they are on a mission to get it

The one major down fall of network marketers living in the upper class “space of thinking” is they operate from their E-G-O.

Tip: Drop the ego and move to the upper echelons of greatness, which is the world class.

World Class Thinkers

Lets lastly look at network marketers who live in the world class “space of thinking”.

This is where majority (not all) of top recruiters live.

One of the major differences with network marketers at this level is they operate from they spirit-self rather than their ego-self like the upper class.

The ultimate strategic advantage of this world class fraternity of network marketers is this:

They have a thought process, a philosophy, and a habit all rolled into one that overshadows the rest.


If you talk to a world class network marketer they will A-L-W-A-Y-S tell you they are 100% responsible for their own success or failure. Nobody else.

You will also hear the world class take responsibility for giving back to others as a result of the success they have experienced.

It’s why they earn the title: World Class.

Best MLM Tips:
A Million Dollar Idea In Action

Tip: Steal this idea and run with it!

Several months ago our team of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity for a holiday promotion and chose to take 100% responsibility for capitalizing on that opportunity.

What did we do?

We brainstormed a holiday promotion we could offer to a future class of top recruiters we would work with and mentor to C-R-U-S-H it with us over the following 12 months.

Our #1 criteria was that our promotion had to be the best and most incredible holiday promotion the industry has ever seen.

Did we achieve our objective? Here’s what just one of the participants on our “Most Incredible Holiday Promotion Deal Ever” event had to say:


“Phenomenal webinar!
One of the best – if not
the best – that I’ve been
on… and I’ve attended

That’s because it was a
masterful blend of training,
expert insight, nuggets from
the audience, and giving
HOPE that people can plug
into a community that has a
system to truly help them
build a business and generate
meaningful income!

Stoked to be working with

-Travis Fisher,
Denver, Colorado


Travis joined our team, used our system and recruited his first new team member within 72hrs of our event.

The ultimate result of our Team of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs working T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R as one team in the fight to achieve greatness was this:

  1. We had several new team members break their first rank.
  2. We had two new team members achieve our $600 per month BMW car bonus
  3. We had three new team members achieve Class A equity stock in a 2 billion company that will be worth – literally – millions of dollars over it’s lifetime.

The sad news is several of the members who attended our holiday promotion event chose NOT to take action. They chose to live in a middle class “space of thinking” and have literally cost themselves thousands, and thousands of dollars.

It happens. You can’t save everyone.

The great news is this: our Team of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs is just getting started. We are one of the top fastest growing teams in the entire network marketing industry and it’s for one reason: We Take Responsibility For Being Extraordinary.

There is ZERO reason why you can’t lead yourself and your team to do the same.

Do this…

My Best MLM Tips Are Your Action Steps:

  1. Take responsibility. Choose to live in a world class “space of thinking”
  2. Take responsibility. Choose to create something unique this month that you and your team can do together to create massive momentum over the next 12 months.
  3. Take responsibility. If you don’t know how to execute #1 or #2 above then don’t be a victim. Instead, look for and lock arms with a team of proven experts.

The choice is simple.
The choice is yours.
Choose wisely.
It matters.


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