In this network marketing tip for success Top Recruiter Academy’s VP of Leader Development – John Hatfield – powerfully guides you through an idea that if taken seriously, considered critically, and pursued purposefully puts your business in a guaranteed position of success.

MLM Leadership: Do you ask yourself WHY?


You must start with the WHY…

… it’s true — especially if your vision is to lead. Leaders ask WHY.

Why do you exist as a business or organization?

  • Do you have a clear definitive answer to this question?

What makes your purpose different from other businesses, entrepreneurs, or organizations?

  • Differentiation matters.

As you identify the WHY — you establish the core reason you exist.

Once this is clarified…

  • Vision can be created and visualized…
  • Values can be defined…
  • Mission and strategy can be articulated, and…
  • Your team culture of accepted behaviors and norms can then become organic.

When your WHY is lost or becomes confusing…

  • Your decisions don’t align…
  • True North becomes compromised…
  • A different (often confusing) set of coordinates is calculated, and…
  • Ultimately a false direction occurs

Identifying and holding steady to your True North matters.

Your True North is your WHY. It defines your Purpose.

  • These things really do matter.

MLM Leaders must understand and honor the
intricacies of holding steady to True North.

Leadership by example matters. Purpose becomes damaged, even irrelevant when there is no lived out example; when there is no face to the sacred value of True North.

Truth North is your source of power. It loses its power dynamic when it is first intellectually agreed upon, but then not lived out in daily decisions.

As a leader you need an anchor. Purpose is that anchor… it is the calling that brings individuals together… it creates team and community.

Leaders respect the need for alignment. Alignment then is around the common purpose… your reason of existence.

Think of Your Challenge to Lead
Your Team In This Way…

Like a rowing team, each member steps into the boat with a specific seat assignment and commits to rowing in the same direction…

… focused on an agreed upon purpose of accomplishment to the finish line.

Where does the power come from?

By pushing against the water with an oar, a force is generated to move the boat forward.

There is technique to the rowing…

  • Technique matters

There is strategy to the rowing as the leader decides who occupies each seat.

  • Strategy matters

Did you know the coxswain (the steersman of the ship) always faces the direction the boat is going?

Did you know the rowers are facing the rear?

The coxswain always keenly…

… sets the rhythm and the pace…

… sees the overall picture…

… and guides the rowers both as individuals and as a group.

The rowers must trust the coxswain through the terrain to cross the finish line.

  • Trust matters.

Your role in your business and for your team is to be the Coxswain.


As the Coxswain do this reflection exercise first with yourself and then with your team.


  • Who are the faces on your team that represent your lived out purpose and values?
  • Is your face present? Where?
  • Is everyone on your team in the boat rowing in the same direction?
  • Is it clear to everyone on your team what direction they should be headed?
  • How do you make this clear?
  • Is the coxswain trustworthy and do team members trust-in their leading?
  • How do you become a better coxswain?
  • Have you asked your team members this question about you?
  • Why do you exist as a business or organization and what makes you desirable over your competitors?
  • Is the coxswain rhythm and pace calibrated for your rowers or is it exhausting?
  • What creates or destroys trust between the coxswain and the rowers in your business?
  • Have you trained your rowers in their technique?

Here’s your key takeaway as an MLM Leader: Just because you put in lots of hard work and long hours doesn’t mean you will win the race.

So ask  yourself: what wins races?

As always, such a joy to be involved in your leader development!

Thanks for listening, thinking, and re-calibrating!

john-hatfield-newJohn Hatfield
Top Recruiter Academy
VP of Leader Development


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