Zak Ferry Founder & CEO, Lion Project

"Chris is an incredible trustworthy leader. He's the reason I'm where I am today. I encourage anybody who is considering working with him to just jump all in. It's one of the best things you can do not only for your business career but your personal life as well."

You can contact me by sending an email to:

These are the skills we have on my team: 

1. Traffic Generation Specialist (Getting leads to your stuff)
2. Traffic Conversation Specialist (Getting leads to buy your stuff)
3. Strategic Consulting (The most important component if you want to make money)
4. Website Development (The strategic way so you actually get conversions)
5. Strategic Offer Creation (Consider this “the dance” you take your prospects through)
6. Expert Positioning (For you IF you’ve got real expertise)
7. Social Media Marketing Strategy (Without the strategy you’re wasting your time)
8. Video Marketing Strategy (How to crush the competition with video)
9. Done-For-You Marketing Systems (Plan on a budget in the range of 35K to 90K)

My team consists of a hodge podge of wizards . . . bonafide goo-roos (the good kind not the evil kind) who are specialists in their craft. Between our band of misfits we’ve generated multiples of seven figures online for ourselves and our clients. 

There are very few challenges we aren’t able to tackle [BUT] if/when there are we’ll let you know and point you to one of our wizard partners who will happily help you dominate in your market space. 

Big Picture: My team and I can work with you to setup your entire online marketing strategy around our core driving philosophy, which is the Strategy of Preeminence. Basically, think of us like a nuclear weapon. You only pull that weapon out when you’re ready to use it, and when you do it’s game over. 

Understanding our philosophy is important, because we’re not into small victories. We are in the game to DOMINATE. You must be mentally ready for that or we’re not a good fit for you and that’s okay. 

I charge $650/hr for a Skype call to talk through the challenges you’re facing and the initial strategy. If we accept you as a client that $650 will be put towards your package with us.

If that’s not in your budget right now I recommend you check out one of our coaching programs. We are happy to offer you a complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session to figure out which program might be the best fit for you. 

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