In this exclusive top recruiter training I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to create a profitable, sustainable, and thriving network marketing business.

So here’s the deal:

If you’re committed (really committed) to making the next six months in your business the best months you’ve ever had, then pay close attention now…

… because I’m going to hand-over the keys to ‘creating’ an environment in your business that attracts success to you each-and-every time you decide to “throw the switch.”

I know how it sounds…



…just a bunch of “goo-roo” hype


I get it! Trust me, if there is anyone that gets it — I get it.

But here’s the thing…

… What I’m sharing with you works. In fact, this is part of the exact formula I used in my business to become the top producer in a well established multi-billion dollar company less than two weeks after joining, and get this…

If you’re committed to working the formula, then the formula will work for you to.

That’s not just a promise that’s my personal guarantee.

So… I encourage you to suspend your judgement for just a few minutes, and give me the opportunity to bend your mind to a new way of thinking that supports…

… and greatly empowers (like rocket fuel)…

… the very foundation of success you deserve to achieve in your business.

Now, for the record, when you hear me talk about someone being ‘committed’ (a true professional) I’m referring to a network marketer who – with careful thought and a burning desire to win – purposefully engineers their network marketing business to provide value and empower others to win too.

This is critical, because here’s what I know after 16+ years in the industry. When you help enough people win their game, you win your game.


This is the heartbeat my team and I live and breathe together every day out in the real world of business.

It’s one of the top reasons why we are able to build big teams and businesses fast.

So, back to the question:

How do you build a profitable, sustainable, thriving business in network marketing over the next six months?

The keyword in this question is profitable.

You must… I repeat you must get your business into profit.

The entire game changes for you when you are building your business from a place of profit.

I know it sounds like one of those “duh” moments, but I assure you 99% of network marketers are trying to build their business from a place of loss.

Here’s the problem with that. My grand-papi said it best when he said, “That dog don’t hunt.”

So lets talk about the key elements to putting your business in a place to get profitable and stay profitable for the long-haul.

A Network Marketer’s Profitability Plan – 7 Key Elements

These are the 7 key elements every network marketer must bake into their business plan in order to be profitable, sustainable, and ultimately scalable.

Disclaimer: Before we dive in here it’s important you understand I didn’t just make these 7 key elements up or read them out of a book. They come from 16+ years out in the world working with other business professionals – 17 multi-million dollar producers to be exact – as well as from experience (in the trenches) building my own thriving businesses.

These 7 key elements are tried and true…

… War torn and battle tested.

So read on to discover the elements your network marketing business plan must contain in order to overcome the inevitable challenges of getting a network marketing business off the ground.

This is what all top earners know and do.

Key Element #1 – The Right Thinking

The #1 thing that holds network marketers back from achieving the success they truly desire is their thinking.

In fact, I would argue the only thing that is truly standing between where you are now and where you want to be in your life — with anything you want to accomplish (no matter how BIG it is) — is your thinking.

So I can’t over-emphasize this point enough.

One of the biggest challenges you’re going to face with your mindset is transcending from employee thinking to entrepreneurial thinking.

This is a must or you are destined to fail.

The best way to transform your mind and transcend your own employee level of thinking is to surround yourself with others who have successfully done so.

Iron sharpens iron.

The strongest steel must go through the hottest fire and only a “higher-level” thinker and do-er than you can put you through the hottest fire.

That’s a fact.

This is why I’ve created the Mental Toughness Gym for our community. We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning on a conference call for 20minutes-ish of mind empowering goodness to jumpstart your week and multiply your results.

You’ll want to plug into something like this for your business and get your team plugged in as well. It’s a real game changer!

Key Element #2: The Right Business Model

There are several different business models to choose from when it comes to building your network marketing business.

You can make money in all of them BUT…

… if becoming a true professional that attracts success on-demand is your goal — and your plan includes time freedom — then only a few of the business models are really conducive for achieving this endgame.

Just understand that not all business models are designed equally.

They all have their pros and cons.

The best advice I can give you from tested experience is to make sure you are leveraging the power of the internet. You have a completely unfair advantage over your competition when you have the internet working in your favor.

Now before you say, “But Chris! My company doesn’t allow me to market my business on the internet”…

… before you say that let me just say this.

Your mindset and your thinking is ‘in-accurate’.

You might as well just tatoo a big, fat, shiny graphic in the middle of your forehead that says, “NAIVE NEWBIE.”

You absolutely can build your business on the internet. I don’t care what company you are in. Don’t try to write in and tell me your company is different.

It’s not.

How do I know? I coach and consult with nearly every company and we have clients from nearly every company who are building their business on the internet.

It works for them and it can work for you too the minute you get out of your own way and “transcend” your own thinking.

Here’s all you need to know.

If you’re NOT building your business on the internet you’re leaving a lot of your success on the table.

You need to immediately align with a team of competent professionals who can help save you from your own thinking.

True. Said with love. :)

Key Element #3: The Right Product

Once you’ve chosen the right business model the next step is to make sure you have the right product.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for choosing the right product. Always make sure you choose a product people want vs. a product people need.

This is where a lot of network marketers go wrong.

They get all excited and emotional around a product they believe in with all their heart-and-soul because they just know it’s something people need to make their lives better.

Now the reality is this sentiment is probably true.

People likely do need what it is you think they need, but there is just one problem with this thinking…

People don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.

Just think about how you make your buying decisions. If you’re like most people you buy on emotion and justify after the fact on logic.

Take for example a normal grocery store run.

Do you really need that candy bar for your snack or would it be better for you to pickup some fruit with some almond butter and some flaxseed oil?

You buy the candy bar for the same reason I do and everyone else does. Because you want it not because you need it.

The same will be true with the products/ services you choose to use as the financial anchor inside of your network marketing business.

Please don’t think you’re smarter than the experts and try to challenge this rule. It will be a decision that’s guaranteed to leave you frustrated and broke.

Sell people what they want. Always.

Naturally then, this thinking rules out your warm market as your “go-to” recruiting strategy.

This is no big deal, because you’re now leveraging the power of the internet where millions upon millions of people are “looking” for your products and services right now… even as you’re reading this.

That’s a true game-changer.

And let me just say this… make sure your product has auto-ship.

If you don’t have a product with auto-ship then go back to Key Element #1 because that’s where your problem is.

Key Element #4: The Right Marketing

What does it mean to have the right marketing?

Most network marketers who go wrong believe marketing is all about branding for the purpose of getting prospects and customers to know your name.

This is the wrong thinking.

There it is again… the old thinking issue popping back up.

The correct mindset around the purpose of marketing inside your network marketing business is to get your prospects to take action.

Network marketing professionals have the ability and the skill to inspire their customers to move down a carefully designed path to take their most desired action inside the marketing process.

If your prospects don’t take action nothing else matters.

If you don’t have a carefully designed path of compelling action opportunities for your prospect — you’re dead-in-the-water.

One of the strategies I’ve learned from my multi-million dollar mentors/ top earners in our industry (and what I teach to my team) is to ensure you are always giving your prospects enough information to make a decision.

Attention is hard to come by in the marketplace.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is successfully get the attention of your prospect only to find they weren’t able to make a decision/ take an action because you didn’t give them enough information in your marketing process to do so.

That’s a fail.

Don’t make this rookie mistake. Think it through all-the-way to your endgame.

Key Element #5: The Right Energy Management

This is the #1 biggest topic when it comes to being undervalued and under talked about.

I believe there is nothing more powerful to your ability to successfully execute your network marketing business plan and thus…

… big results inside your network marketing business than your ability to skillfully manage your energy.

Your energy levels effect everything you do.

Lets take your ability to focus for example.

One of the biggest productivity killers for anyone is their inability to focus long enough to create a result — the type of results which puts you into a state of momentum where results build upon results.

It all comes back to focus.

Your ability to focus is a direct result of your ability to manage your energy levels.

I’ve been spoiled a bit on this topic because my wife is a certified functional nutrition therapist and she’s turned me into an expert on the topic of energy management.

This is one of the biggest areas where I give my team an advantage, because most network marketers are not well versed in energy management.

The takeaway here is this.

Be mindful of developing your energy management skills because they will directly impact your ability to focus, to face and overcome resistance in the execution of your business plan, and a wide array of other business factors.

I don’t think there is another element that touches every single part of your network marketing business like energy management does.

Here’s a quick energy management tip for you. Make sure to drink 20 to 30 oz of water within the first 10 minutes of waking up. This one tip can change your life.

Key Element #6: The Right Actions

One of the first things I learned as a network marketing professional is that ideas are a dime a dozen. I used to be the guy with all the great ideas, but when you looked around nothing was being accomplished.

Know this: Nothing happens in your network marketing business until you take action.

Getting yourself from where you are now to a point in the future that supports a life of time freedom and financial freedom is going to solely depend on your ability to take consistent, daily action in a direction that moves you toward the achievement of your goals.

The key here is we are not talking about just any action, but about the right action and the right actions are always driven by your ability to think accurately about the challenge(s) in front of you.

There again, we come full circle back to the issue of your thinking.

This is why thinking is so valuable.

It’s why I often say the only thing that stands between you and the life you dream about is your thinking.

In this case, your mindset is what will determine whether or not you are thinking accurately, which will in-turn drive your actions, which will in-turn drive your results.

Do you see how that works?

One tip when it comes to taking action: Success loves speed. That’s why top earners always learn today and act today. Don’t let your perfectionist mindset get in your way. Aim for great in order to get things done and surrender perfection.

You can always come back later to make improvements as you are learning and refining your ability to think more accurately.

Just get out of your own way mentally and get into action.

Key Element #7: The Right People

I’ve touched on this one already, but the gravity of it’s truth bears repeating at least one more time.

You will only go as far in the successful execution of your network marketing business as determined by the people you have around you.

If you study the Uber-Wealthy (which I’ve done extensively) you come to learn this truth: Your financial wealth will always be a direct reflection of your inner social circle.

That’s a fact.

So look around.

Who is in the trenches of your business with you… guiding you… mentoring you… challenging you to think differently and at a higher level?

Going alone is a recipe for disaster.

You must make it a top priority to identify and align your business with experienced business owners who have the skills and the expertise to help you think accurately so you can execute smartly.

Big Tip: One of my best tips on this is to align yourself with someone who has the courage, the competence, and the willingness to hold you to account for the ability that you’ve been given to be Extraordinary.

Just imagine what your business would look like IF you had someone (or a team of someones) who were courageous and competent enough to hold you accountable each-and-every-day to being Extraordinary?

Just imagine that.

Life is just way-to-short for you not to be playing this game of life at the highest level, so lock-arms with business owners who have the skill and the courage to hold you to account to a higher standard.

It makes all the difference.

In Summary

When you’ve intentionally baked into your network marketing business plan these 7 Key Elements it’s nearly impossible to fail.

In fact, your success is guaranteed.

Like I said, I became the top producer in my company in less than two weeks after putting these 7 key elements into play in my business.

It worked for me and it will work for you too.

Next Steps

Are you ready to suspend your own judgement and bend your thinking to create a new reality inside your business?

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I encourage you to give that some thought between now and Thursday.

How committed are you really? … give that some thought.

In the meantime…

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Thanks for your trust.
I don’t take it for granted!

Chris “Taking The Right Actions” White

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