John Maxwell once said this, “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.”

Said another way, you will never achieve greatness by “going alone” and far, far too many network marketers are building their businesses alone.

The unfortunate irony about this mistake is that while most network marketers are “going alone” they don’t realize it. They are in the dark on this very reality they are living in.

Let me explain.

Most network marketers when I suggest to them that they are going alone will say:

“No. Not me. I’ve got my upline and they are great. They are so supportive. I’m definitely not going alone.”

I will then ask this question: “What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in your business?” To which I almost always (99% of the time) get this response:

“I’m tired of chasing my friends and family, but I don’t know how to generate qualified leads for my business.”

Of course I will then ask, “What about your upline. Why aren’t they teaching you how to do that. I thought you said they were so great and so supportive?”

Here’s the point…

You are building a business to make money so that you can have the time freedom and financial freedom to live your life the way you choose to do so.

This is NOT a popularity contest. This is not an adventure to simply find “nice” and “supportive” people to hang out with as you pretend to be a business owner.

Your first priority is to identify your core business building belief and then to align your business with someone who has the same core business building belief as you do.

Read that again. It’s highly important!

Generally speaking there are two primary business building beliefs to choose from:

Core Belief #1: Build your business from a warm market recruiting philosophy where you believe everyone is your prospect and you are into holding hotel meetings and house parties that require a big investment of your time.

Core Belief #2: Build your business from a target market recruiting philosophy where you are attracting only qualified prospects to you who are already interested in what you have to offer typically by leveraging the power of the internet.

Now the vast majority of network marketers I consult through my high performance consulting business tell me they want to operate under core belief #2 because core belief #1 isn’t working for them and they don’t get excited about chasing their deadbeat warm market.

So, here is where the rubber meets the road on this big mistake we are discussing. If your upline or whomever you’re working with DOES NOT align with your core business building belief then you are GOING ALONE.

It doesn’t matter how nice or supportive they are. They must have two things: (1) Your core business building belief and (2) Proven expertise based on the results they’ve created to help you execute on your core business building belief.

Both must be present.

If those two things are NOT present then you are going alone and likely building a very frustrating and unprofitable business.

Why is your core business building belief so important as a starting point in your entire business building process?

Answer:Because your core beliefs drive your behavior and your behavior drives your results.

Did you get that?

Beliefs → Behavior → Results

As I mentioned, most network marketers are unknowingly going alone.

Nearly all that I talk to and walk through what I’ve just shared with you come to the realization that they too are going alone. There are a small few who remain stubborn and even after identifying the fact that their upline does not hold their core belief they still believe they aren’t going alone. These small few will die a slow and painful death with their business.

That doesn’t have to be your reality, because you’re not going to let stubbornness or self­ denial get in your way of achieving your dream.

The irony here is that I was once the guy who was going alone without knowing I was going alone. The result: I struggled and failed over­-and-­over again for 13 years.

I was so frustrated that I was about to give up on my business and my dream all­ together, but then I decided to make one last ditch effort after finally coming to the reality that I’d been going alone all these years.

What did I do?

I found an expert who had the same core business building belief as I did (core belief #2) and I paid for his expertise.

What was the result?

In my first 12 months of paying for this expertise I generated over $183,000 in online sales and built a list of 7,683 qualified prospects.

In my second 12 months of now having this expertise I became the #1 Top Recruiter inside of a 2 billion dollar health and wellness company. I’ve now got a real business that I’ve systematized and am scaling to generate six figures per month.

Never in a million years prior to paying for this expertise did I ever think I’d be a real business owner. Never did I think I’d become a top recruiter. I was simply living on hope and a prayer that I could just recruit one person into my business.

What did I learn from my very painful journey to the top? Three critical things:

1. Commit to a core business building belief.

2. Find someone who has the same core belief and who has the proven expertise and results to help you implement successfully in your business.

3. Pay for expertise. This speeds up the process exponentially.

Now typically the “ugh!” I get when I share those three steps come from #3. “I’ve got to pay for expertise” many network marketers will say to me.

My answer is always YES. This is a non­-negotiable. Paying for expertise is the fastest and most effective way simply because there are very, very few people in network marketing who actually have the know how for executing core belief #2.

It’s just a reality. Just ask yourself how many people you know who really have the deep expertise that’s backed by proven results to execute core belief #2. If you’re like most network marketers I work with you’re going to have a very short list.

This simply means that this expertise is in high demand and high demand in business that is accompanied by short supply means you’re going to have to pay for the expertise, but I can tell you it will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business.


Because once you too have this expertise you will join the short list of in­-demand experts who get to command a fee for their expertise. That’s when the scales of success will completely tip in your favor.

So don’t limit and sabotage your own thinking here by being bent-­out-­of-­shape for having to pay for expertise because you too someday soon (if you choose to follow the path I’ve laid out) will be in a position to get paid for your expertise and if you’re NOT willing to pay for expertise now then why should anyone else being willing to pay for your expertise when you have it to give?

Think about it.

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