Mistake number five on the seven biggest mistakes list is fearing failure.

Now there are quite a handful of gurus out there that talk about failure, but most of them are talking about failure from the wrong angle.

They say things like, “Failure is part of success.”
Duh! Is there anyone that doesn’t already know that? Hopefully not you. 🙂

What nobody is talking about is WHY fearing failure is such a big issue for so many network marketers.

You see, I believe until you understand WHY you fear failure you can’t effectively understand HOW to overcome your fear of failure.

Always start with WHY then move to action.

So let me explain WHY you fear failure like the rest of us do. Let me start out my argument by saying this:

It’s Not Your Fault.

It’s truly not your fault, and this isn’t a cop out either. You see, from a very early age you and I and everyone else who went through grade school and high school were effectively trained to fear failure.

Here’s what I mean…

Who were the kids in grade school and high school who got the A’s?

Answer: The kids who made the least number of mistakes.

How were you trained as a child in school to earn the positive, loving attention of your teachers and your parents?

Answer: By doing good in school, which meant making the least number of mistakes.

How were you trained in your job to get a pay raise and ascend the corporate ladder? Answer: By making the least number of mistakes in your work.

Do you see the pattern here. Let me SPELL it out for you clearly.

You have been trained since grade school, on through high school, and into the job world to believe that in order to receive LOVE and POSITIVE RECOGNITION (things we crave as human beings) you must make the least amount of mistakes.

So naturally, then, the outcome of this mental programming you’ve been subjected to for years has programmed you to literally fear failure.

Now ask yourself this question…

Which business owners have most all of the success?

Answer: Those who fail the most.

Did you get that? Do you see the irony around what it takes to be successful in your network marketing business versus how you’ve been programmed your entire life?

She Who Fails The Most Is The One Who Wins

Now the key is this: Don’t be a victim.

Understand that you have the power to reprogram your mind to NOT fear failure and the sooner you commit to doing so will mean the sooner you begin to experience big wins in your business.

Remember this: Amateurs are ignorant to why they constantly are failing in their business and so they continue down a path that continues to give them a similar disappointing result.

Top Recruiters know better. They understand that fearing failure is natural because of how they were programmed in grade school throughout high school and into the working world, but they also know it doesn’t have to be their normal.

Top Recruiters know they have the power to reprogram themselves to NOT fear failure and so that’s what they do with relentless focus and energy. You can do the same. As a top recruiter it’s something I strongly urge you to commit to.

Onward and upward…

Up next – Mistake #6

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