This is one we all fall victim to. Mainly because it’s our human nature to be tempted by the path of least resistance, which typically is what the shiny objects are promising.

The recruiting mistake to overcome here is to NOT get stuck in shiny object syndrome land. It will detract from your ability to smartly and effectively manufacture the influence you need to be successful.

The thing to always remember is this: There are no magic solutions to building a successful network marketing business. You have to take the same path all of us top recruiters had to take. Just tuck that truth deep into your mind so you can defend yourself against shiny object syndrome the next time it comes calling for you.

The key takeaway with shiny object syndrome is to understand WHY (from a business standpoint) this happens to so many.

So, here’s why. The answer is simply that 9 out of 10 networkers are building their business from the wrong philosophy. In fact, if you were to ask 10 networkers what their business building philosophy is at least 9 of them would give you a deer in the headlights look. I know this to be true because I perform about 10 strategy sessions with networkers every day and I ask them this question.

Why is philosophy so important? Because your philosophy will drive your beliefs about how to build a successful business. Your beliefs will then dictate your behavior. Your behavior represents the things you do on a day­to­day basis in your business and your behavior will ultimately lead to the results you do or do not create.

So if you’re NOT getting the results you want in your business then you really need to take a critical look at your philosophy.

Until you get your philosophy figured out it’s going to be near impossible to hold a hard, focused, and clear line with how you build your business, which leaves you open and vulnerable to falling victim to shiny object syndrome.

Success is created by consistent and focused action to a singular plan of action. You can’t commit to a plan until you commit to a philosophy. Do that first and then go to work with your blinders on tight.

Remember this: Amateurs don’t take the defining of their philosophy seriously and thus are constantly getting distracted by the next shiny thing that promises them success. Top Recruiters know better. They have their philosophy dialed in so tight that nothing causes them to lose focus. It’s why they ultimately become world class.

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