One could make the argument that there is not a more important recruiting mistake to overcome than this one. Here’s why and let me make this crystal clear for you:

We are in a Leadership business. Period.


Everything in your business rises and falls on leadership. Literally everything.

● Not achieving the success you want to achieve? It’s because you have a leadership challenge in your business.

● Not generating enough qualified prospects? It’s because you have a leadership challenge in your business.

● Not effectively prospecting and closing enough people onto your team to get your business into momentum? It’s because you have a leadership challenge in your business.

● Not getting your team to take action? In fact, have most of them gone into the witness protection program? It’s because you have a leadership challenge in your business.

I don’t care what is happening in your business that’s frustrating you or causing you to NOT meet expectations. Whatever your frustration is I can guarantee you it all points back to a leadership challenge.

That’s the root of the issue. So what is leadership?

Bottom Line: Leadership is Influence

You either have it or you don’t and most don’t.

Now it’s important to understand that influence can come from past success OR you can manufacture your own influence by developing some skills.

Lets look at a common example of influence played out everyday in living rooms across the world in our industry.

The Real Life Case Study of Steve

(*I’ve changed the name to protect Steve’s identity)

Meet Steve. Steve is in his 40s and he’s a very successful commercial real estate professional. He makes multiple six figures every year. Steve, however, has decided to build a network marketing business and so the first thing Steve does is make a warm market, friends and family name list.

Steve then calls up his list and invites them all over to his big, expensive house in the middle of a neighborhood most would love to live in. Sitting in the driveway is Steve’s luxury car, which everyone sees when they pull ­up to Steve’s house for the meeting.

Steve announces to his friends and family that he’s starting a new business adventure and he’s inviting everyone to join him.

Now put yourself in the shoes of one of those friends or family members. You’re sitting on Steve’s couch inside his big, beautiful home and you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to be successful just like Steve has been.”

So, next thing you know you’re signing up into a business you know little about, but you’re not worried about that just yet because Steve is going to make everything work. He always has.

Shortly after signing up you go with Steve to your first big company event where Steve is introduced on stage as a top earner in the company who is bringing in $15,000 each month. As you’re sitting there in your seat, you’re happy for your friend Steve of course, but you’re also frustrated and wondering why Steve is having so much success and you’re not.

You ask Steve and your upline about why you’re not having success and they try to get you to believe you’re the problem. They try to tell you, “Just look at Steve. It’s working for him and if it works for him it will work for you too.”

Ultimately, you begin to feel like nothing more than a failure. You believe in the lie that if it works for Steve it should also work for you, but is that really true?

Here’s the truth about why Steve is having so much success and you’re not.

It’s because Steve brings a ton of INFLUENCE with him into the network marketing industry and he wisely uses his influence to get his business off the ground and into momentum very quickly.

There is just one problem with Steve’s business model. This is the part you never hear about from the stage at your company events.

Steve can’t help his team duplicate his level of INFLUENCE. What then ends up happening is Steve helps a few people who are closest to him. The ones he chooses to help are the ones with influence just like him.

At some point, however, Steve’s schedule and energy levels with be maxed out and everyone else on Steve’s team will either die a slow death or check themselves into the witness protection program never to be heard from again.

This is an all-­too­-common example in the network marketing industry.

Inevitably then, what will happen is Steve’s business will stall out and plateau as it did in this case. That’s when the Steve’s of the world call me and want to know why this is happening in their business and what they can do about it.

So I’ll tell you what I tell the Steve’s of the world who call me AND believe me there are a lot of them.

Here’s what I told Steve:

“Steve. You have an influence problem.”

That’s right. You see Steve used up all his influence to get his business off the ground, but even the influence of such a success story like Steve’s can only last so long.

It’s true. Next time you’re at a company event and you meet some top producer who walks across stage and talks about how they built a $10,000 per month business recruiting through their warm market just ask them this question: “How many months in a row have you generated $10,000 per month in your business?”

What you’ll likely find (say among a group of 100 reps who say they are $10,000 per month earners) is that only a small handful of them are actually making a consistent $10,000 per month. Most of them have only done it once­or­twice.

So how do you avoid being that person?

Answer: You do the same thing that Steve needs to do, which is manufacture your own influence.

How? By developing the skills that will empower you to influence your team and thus create consistent and exciting growth inside your business.

“Okay,” you say, “that makes sense, but what skill do I need to develop in order to manufacture the influence I need to become a consistent $10,000+ per month earner?”

Aha! Now we’ve arrived at: The Ultimate Question!

Here’s my answer: You must develop the ability to be a professional recruiter. This is the #1 skill you should focus on developing relentlessly above and beyond any other skill.

Now before you simply say, “Duh!” I want you to think about this perhaps differently than you have before. Think about why this is so valuable to your business from the perspective of a leader.

A Leader’s Perspective

Every leader (every Top Recruiter) knows the fastest and most effective way to build your network marketing business is to do what?

Answer: To recruit other leaders.

Makes sense right. Now here’s the teaching point. When you are having a recruiting conversation with a leader it’s NOT going to be good enough to just talk about how great your company is, and how great your products and compensation plan are.

Those things are great, but they are NOT enough to influence a leader, which is what you must do in order to build a thriving business. You must be a leader who influences other leaders.

Inevitably, then, at some point in your recruiting conversation with a leader they are going to ask you this question: “How are we going to take advantage of all this opportunity you are sharing with me? What’s your plan?”

So just imagine with me for a moment you’re a leader (a top recruiter) who is being asked this very question. How do you answer? Here’s how:

“Great question. I’m glad you asked. The first thing I want you to understand is that the biggest challenge you’re going to face in your business is recruiting. Naturally, recruiting is the lifeblood of the business. You’re either recruiting consistently and growing, or you’re not and you’re dying. So what I’m going to do is lead you through the recruiting plan we have in place to help you get in front of only the most qualified prospects. People who are interested, and committed in really doing what it takes to build a successful business. Those are the type of people we are going to build our business with and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.”

The wrong answer to a leader would be something like this:

“Great question. I’m glad you asked. The first thing we are going to do is have you make a list of your friends and family members and then invite them over to your home for a meeting…”

The minute you go there with a leader is the minute most leaders are going to say,
“Sorry. Best of luck to you but I’m not interested.”

In summary, it all boils down to where you place your focus and I’m encouraging you to first believe that we are in a leadership business and that your focus is best spent on developing your recruiting skills so you can manufacture your own influence and thereby begin recruiting-­on-­demand inside your business.

As a bonus for taking advantage on this free special insider’s report you should have also gotten access to our Top Recruiter Academy Ultimate Influence Formula. I encourage you to go through this formula and begin using it during your recruiting conversation to manufacture the influence you will need to recruit big numbers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.44.51 PM


This is the exact formula I use in all of my recruiting conversations. It singlehandedly helped me become a top recruiter in my company and it can do the same for you. Don’t underestimate it just because I’ve given it to you for free. I have clients who pay between $1,000 and $3,000 to access this Influence Formula that I’m handing over to you on a silver platter. For your sake, give it the respect it deserves.

Remember this: Amateurs focus on their company, their products, and their compensation plan in the recruiting conversation. Top Recruiters know better. Instead, they focus on building their recruiting skill in order to manufacture their own influence, because top recruiters know we are in a leadership business and leadership ultimately boils down to influence.

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