This is a big recruiting mistake I see network marketers make as much as any other. They wrongly believe that having a product or service to sell means they have a business.

Newsflash:  Just because you have a product or a service to offer people doesn’t mean you have a business. Having a product and having a business are two separate things. You must treat them separately, and give each the respect and energy they deserve in order to build a successful network marketing business.

A business for example involves:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales processes
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Recruiting
  • Others…

All of those things require your energy and attention. Just having a product or service does not mean you have those things working for you as well.

Here’s something to consider: many network marketers make the business side harder on themselves than it needs to be because they lack systems thinking.

So let me make this point crystal clear about systems thinking so you don’t have to live in the land of the struggling and the ignorant.

People DO NOT create wealth. Systems Create Wealth.

Read that again and lock it into your brain. It may be the most important thing you ever learn in your business.

Any Top Recruiter worth her salt will tell you to focus on building your system because your system will build your team. Your recruiting focus must always start from a systems thinking approach.

Remember this: Amateurs focus on people. Top Recruiters focus on systems. When you focus on systems as a first priority you will discover that effective systems will take care of your people, but simply taking care of your people will NOT create effective systems. Consider the difference. It matters.

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Chris White

Co-Founder and CEO at Top Recruiter Academy
Chris is a top producer inside his company holding the #1 spot for 6 straight months. Chris has worked with over 19,000 networkers to help them understand how to say goodbye to their deadbeat warm market and hello to the good life of real business ownership.
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