Michael Jordan ­ arguably the greatest player to ever play in the NBA ­ never showed up to a basketball game expecting to lose. In fact, he always expected to win.

Why was he so expectant?
Answer: Because he relentlessly prepared to W­I­N.

The same is true for anyone building a network marketing business. If you expect to W­I­N (and why wouldn’t you expect to win) then you must prepare to win first.

For example:

●  Are you getting proper nutrition? Do you even respect the role nutrition plays in building a successful network marketing business?

●  Are you getting enough rest so that you’re recharged everyday and ready to play at peak levels of performance.

●  Have you shared your vision with those closest to you (friends, family, spouse) and have you prepared them for the challenges you will be facing so they are not taken by surprise and so they can support you effectively?

●  Have you talked to an expert (someone who achieved the success you want under the philosophy you believe in) to take an inventory of the skills you must develop to achieve similar success.

These are all steps Top Recruiters take seriously inside their business.

Here’s the deal…

Building a business is going to take it’s toll. This is a FACT. You should expect to face adversity and thereby be prepared for it otherwise if you fail to prepare you are simply preparing to fail.

This is the one big recruiting mistake on the entire list of seven that most seem to not take very seriously. I’m encouraging you to take this one seriously. It really does matter for your ability to survive and thrive as a network marketing business owner.

Remember this: Amateurs place too much focus on making money. Top recruiters know better. They place their focus on preparing like a professional, because they know relentless preparation will result in making money.

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Chris is a top producer inside his company holding the #1 spot for 6 straight months. Chris has worked with over 19,000 networkers to help them understand how to say goodbye to their deadbeat warm market and hello to the good life of real business ownership.
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