Now hear me out on this one.

If you’re a warm market junkie or someone who is drinking the warm
market “koooo-laid” then read on…

…because this is ‘especial’ for you!

I’m going out-on-a-limbski to say this just may be the biggest breakthrough
you’ve ever had in your business.

And by the way…

…just foor the record – I don’t like giving people the finger…

…well, mostly anyways.

Typically you’ll *only* see me giving the ‘ole middle salute to
my warm market.

Now why would I do such a thing?

You see…

… I finally had it.

Enough was enough.

My warm market had to be put in their place.

And don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

You do.

All the haters spouting their non-sense, saying things like:

– You still doing that pyramid scheme?


– Yeah… lets talk about that tonight, give me a call — BUT then when you
call they don’t answer the phone.


– Why don’t you just get a real job – now that one really gets the ‘ole middle
salute out faster than your uncle’s toupee in a hurricane.

Truth be told:

I just got sick of all the B.S. I had to deal with trying to save my friends and
family from those pyramid schemes…

[excuse me… clearing throat]

…I mean jobs they are always whining about.

You ever get that?

The whiners who *NEVER* take any action…

Just sit there and whine?

Of course you do.
We all do.

So finally I said ENOUGH.


That was my line in the sand moment…

…when I gave my warm market the trusty old middle salute for good.

I haven’t looked back since.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why This Has
Been ‘Top Dollar’ For My Business:

1. Emotionally.

I’ve grown to realize how important it is for me to protect my emotional
state of being.

Do you know what the #1 killer of entrepreneurs is?

Answer: Low Emotional Intelligence.

I now realize that emotions are a big part of success.

I protect my emotions at all costs.

It’s why giving my warm market the middle finger was required.

2. Time.

I no longer waste my valuable time talking to people who could give half a darn about
my products and services.

Instead, I now protect my time with my life.

It’s made me more productive, and more efficient in all areas of my business.

Your time is valuable. Don’t just hand-it-over to anybody.

3. Bank Account.

I want to sit on this one for just a second with you.

It’s a game changer.

You see…

… when I gave my warm market the finger it forced my brain to start solving the question about
who I was going to prospect.

If my warm market wasn’t an option then who was it going to be?

This whole “cognitive dissonance” thing was happening in my brain.

As I understand it that’s when your conscious and subconscious minds are holding two different thoughts.

It creates tension or cognitive dissonance in your brain.

Ultimately it leads to massive breakthroughs and success IF you don’t eject from the tension.

I didn’t eject.

Too much was at stake.

What I discovered is that there are literally hundreds-of-thousands of people in the world who ALREADY
have a need, want or desire for what I’m offering.

When I learned this I was like, “What the ____?!?! Really?!?!”

Yes. Really.

It was true for me and it’s true for you too.

This should get your attention.

So I immediately set out to learn how to get my products and services in front of these people.

I started my skill development by aligning with the best-of-the-best.

I hired a guy who was recruiting over 247 reps into his business each-and-every-week…

…like clockwork.

In just 12 shorts months my life was changed forever.


Here’s just a bullet list of good things that have happened since I gave my warm market the finger:


  • Generated over 183K in my business in less than 12 months. (In the 12 *years*
    before that I did less than 20K combined.)
  • Met my business partner who added another 200K plus to our business.
  • Generated over 19,000+ laser targeted leads I was able to market my products and services to.
  • Got hired by a multiple 7-figure earner to be a master elite coach to teach others how to do what I learned to do.
  • Got hired by a top earner to be the MCEE at his world training event.
  • Got hired to close five figure deals for a top earner in our industry.
  • Had a top earner doing over 7 figures in sales every month approach my team to help build out this process in their business.
  • Created my first product.
  • Closed over $120,000 in sales over the phone.
  • Became the #1 top producer in a well established, 2+ Billion dollar company in less than 2 weeks after joining.
  • Became a shareholder inside of my company for my production numbers.
  • Earned a trip to an exotic destination with the leaders in my company — FIRST TIME EVER!
  • Helped a total newbie become the top recruiter in his company in only 90 days and earn his own exotic trip as well — Proving this works with total newbies has been the most rewarding part for me.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… in the last 27+ months NEVER once have I spoken to my warm market about anything I do.

Not once.

Wouldn’t that be nice if you could know you had the skill set to NEVER again have to talk to your warm market — if you chose not to?

Of course it would.

That would be real freedom.

That would be you in total control of your business and your destiny.

That would make you a true *professional* in our industry.

That would position you to receive similar type opportunities that I received simply because I had this new skill set that let me give my warm market the finger.

So here’s what you deserve to hear me say:

1. If you want to build a big, profitable & sustainable business it starts by saying goodbye to your warm market.

This doesn’t mean you have to give them the middle salute like I did…

… and it doesn’t mean you can NEVER talk to them again like I’ve chosen to do.

You ABSOLUTELY still can.

I just encourage you to *mentally* convince yourself that you will never again have to depend on your warm market to build your business.

Them days are over when you create your own moment of cognitive dissonance.

Everything I did to say goodbye to my warm market and hello to an exciting business that’s providing the life and the time freedom my wife and I have always wanted will be possible for you too when you take action on my special offer below…

… I will hand it over… all of it at your fingertips too.

Thanks for your trust.
I don’t take it lightly.

Chris “I Gave My Warm Market The Finger” White

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I appreciate you!

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