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The 7 Biggest RecruitingMistakes
That Threaten Network Marketers Success

New Research Shows 9 Out of 10 Network Marketers Make at Least One of These Daily and It Only Takes One to Kill a Business Dead.

I'm going to teach you the 4 Pillars of a World Class Business
so you can completely dominate your competition


It's always overlooked & it's the most important income producing activity in the planning phase of your business.


99% of business owners overcomplicate because it's just our human nature to do so. I'll help you get out of your own way.


Wealth is created by systems not by people. First focus on building the system then the system will bring you the people.


When the first three components of your business are pieced together correctly you can build as big as you want, but not before.

Yes, I want Chris and his team at Top Recruiter Academy to teach me how to smartly
grow my business. Choose your adventure by clicking below!

network marketing lead generation

I'm sick of talking to my warm market. I need help generating targeted leads.

network marketing lead generation

I need help with my prospecting and closing skills so I can recruit like a PRO.

network marketing lead generation

I need help with my personal development so I can live out my full potential.

network marketing lead generation

I'm lost and frustrated on what to do next and in what order to start making money. Please help!

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Special Report: Ethically Steal a Top Recruiter's Top 10 List of Questions to Ask Every Prospect

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Special Report: Top Recruiters Always Do This -- Do You?

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Special Report: MLM Leadership - Your Role as the Coxswain

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"The most predictable, surefire way to create wealth in network marketing is to build a systematized adventure for your prospects." - Chris White

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The leadership development training has been life changing. The system and tools are like none I've ever seen. I love working with people of integirty, high character, and professionalism. Stepping away from 20+ year corporate career it's refreshing and exciting to know I now have the tools and community I need to succeed."

- Kim Martin
San Jose, California

"Thank you for this training! I've watched the first 5 videos 2 times each to get the most of it. I'm excited to post that since I started this training, I've been able to register 5 new customers and 1 new promoter. My May sales were the highest I've ever had!"

- Diane Gallob
Paonia, Colorado

Nothing Quite Like Top Recruiter Academy

A unique approach that gives network marketers an unfair recruiting advantage over the competition, combined with all the advanced recruiting strategies providing a never-ending gusher of qualified prospects and new reps so you'll never have to worry about chasing your deadbeat warm market again - that's Top Recruiter Academy in a nutshell.  And that's what makes it so irresistibly awesome.

Start living the good life today by learning the skills of real business ownership.